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Re: Ask the Expert: Redefining Entry Level Storage

Hi Chris,

Behind every product and business decision there is a rigorous process and a rationale which we are not going to completely reveal here on a public forum.  Many decisions we make are due to new features not being "EMC-class" under test conditions.  For some areas we struggled with technical stability, for some areas we struggled with parts costs which would result in a more expensive product than we hoped for, and for some there were hardware design incompatibilities.

What we just did with this system - a fully unified, FAST capable system with MCx that fits into 2U and starts under $12K is pretty impressive and we know we have to add optical, more drives, and more functionality.  These software-upgrade features are not far off, and will not require hardware changes to their base systems.    By the way, I believe 900GB 10K's drives have been successfully RPQ'ed already.

I just noticed you are EMC - feel free to reach out to me directly (email or phone) or let me know if I can talk to your team

Brian Henderson

VNXe Product Marketing

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