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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Captiva 7.1 Further Enhances Intelligent Enterprise Capture Capabilities


in IndexPlus I have used FilterBatchList event handler to filter list of available batches based on certain conditions. How can this be accomplished using Captiva Desktop?

Here is the scenario why I need this:

I have two Captiva Desktop steps in capture process. First step is "Indexing" and second step is "Control". I have group of operators that can't be divided into separate groups or departments (explicit requirement from customer is that "everyone-can-do-everything").

I need to prevent user that has performed "Indexing" from performing "Control" of the same batch. Previously, with IndexPlus, I used to append "indexing" user name to batch name after indexing, and used that in "FilterBatchList" script to prevent "Indexing" user from seeing that batch in "Control" list.

How can I achieve this with Captiva Desktop?

Thanks in advance,

Stipe Sumic

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