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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Captiva 7.1 Further Enhances Intelligent Enterprise Capture Capabilities

You are correct, in Captiva 7.1 we introduced the Captiva Mobile Toolkit for enabling capture in custom mobile applications.  The Toolkit provides on-device image capture and clean-up SDK, server-side RESTful services, and server-side mobile image enhancement filters. The toolkit turns iOS and Android camera-equipped mobile devices into a capture device for server-side processing of images and metadata. 

While the toolkit includes numerous samples, the skill set required to build mobile applications is different than that of your typical Captiva application.  To develop a mobile app, you will need the following technical expertise:

  • Working knowledge of Java and Objective-C.
  • Working knowledge of Android and iOS application development.
  • To submit a batch from a mobile device to Captiva you will require Rest services experience.