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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Captiva 7.1 Further Enhances Intelligent Enterprise Capture Capabilities


Sorry about the mix-up with the other post that 'disappeared', that was my mistake on the first send last night. I realized immediately after the initial post that you were in fact looking for something much more complex and thought the post delete worked before it was published - clearly not the way the forum posting mechanism worked

Thank you for the more thorough explanation regardless as that was very helpful and will be to others who read this.

So... I spent time talking to our staff today more in an effort to find out the latest and the greatest with their efforts on this challenge. Unfortunately the latest is that there is no current way to do what you are asking for in the current Captiva 7 Desktop release that we are aware of. Although the use of Departments does bring some nice features as we have both commented on, it does not help in the scenario you described so well where an operator has 'dual roles' with the condition determined dynamically. The use of a 'control indexer' is definitely something we do run across from time to time as well most always in the scenario described earlier with the 'double blind keying' requirement.

What we ended up doing in one of our EMC Certified Solutions (DepositCritical) where the double blind keying is typically always required for critical fields where 100% accuracy is desired is we ended up using the Captiva 7 SDK to build a custom user interface index module that has the ability to utilize onstart and other methods to provide the filtering that you are describing. Thankfully EMC does a great job in providing access to pretty much everything to their SDK and regularly encourage Partners to fill those 'gaps' for very specific and unique end user needs like the one you are describing here (since it seems like we only have this come up once in a awhile with only certain customers).

Thanks again for the great post - I will let you know if we end up finding some sort of other work around for this other than SDK development in the near future!

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