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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Documentum for Life Sciences Solution Suite

This response will be directed to posts #2 & 3. (3 questions)

·        Q: Will the solution support cloning the study sites so that a user does not need to configure the rules like roles, users and workflow templates etc.,?

·        A: The site registration forms can be created from CTMS via our eTMF Web Services integration layer.  Any value which is stored on the registration may be set in this manner.  In addition, existing site registrations may be used as the basis for a new site.  The new site will inherit most of the metadata from the old, with the exception of things which must be unique such as the site identifier.

·        Q: Does it support digital signatures?

·        A: No, digital signatures are not supported at this time out of the box.  Electronic signatures are supported.

·        Q: Do you have any plans to release sample project configuration just like ACME in case of "Capital Projects" solution?

A: For both R&D and eTMF, I think the answer is “no” but I like the idea (Adam Kelch, Product manager for Clinical Solutions)

I hope this helps.

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