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Re: Optimal Write/Object Size in Atmos

Navneeth wrote:

Great. This is the kind of information we were looking for; thanks, Jason. Please do keep us posted on any such details that might help us tailor our application to Atmos.

Have a couple of follow-up questions on this:

1. Can I assume that the Atmos server accepts chunked encoding on uploads as well since it transfers in chunks on a download? Right now, since the size of our data is unknown at the beginning, we are doing one POST followed by multiple PUT's. With chunked encoding, we can just continue the one POST and end the transmission whenever our data ends. Do you have any thoughts on either approach?

2. David indicated that 4 MB is a good size to reduce overhead on writes; apart from network transfer considerations, are there any other sizes that affect a read?



Hi Navneeth,

1. I'm not sure; I haven't tested it out myself.  We use the same technique as you do though: POST followed by 4MB PUTs.

2. I'll ask around.  I still think that Atmos is using an internal 4MB buffer for web service requests so there might be extra work on the server side for requests > 4MB.

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