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Re: Atmos EE 1.3.2 REST/CIFS Interface

Hi Jason -
Thank you for the reponse.  We've tested the following code (using the Java bindings):
EsuApi cesu = new EsuRestApiApache("host", 80, "user", "sharedSecret");
UploadHelper helper = new UploadHelper(cesu);
Acl acl = new Acl();
acl.addGrant(new Grant(new Grantee("public", Grantee.GRANT_TYPE.GROUP), Permission.FULL_CONTROL));
ObjectId id = helper.createObjectOnPath(new ObjectPath("/test/file.txt"), new File("/root/file.txt"), acl, null);
The output from this snippet is "[user=FULL_CONTROL, other=NONE]".
Unfortunately, the file is still not readable via CIFS. Looking through the Java bindings source,
it appears that the correct HTTP header is being sent to Atmos.
Are we doing something wrong?
Best Regards,

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