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No backup if a restore is running?

Yesterday one of the operators started a restore of a folder on a Windows server. This is a recently virtualized server, but we're not using any VMware integration but instead using the regular Avamar Windows client.

Apparently this folder has many many small files, and at the moment the restore has been running for well over 24 hours. Be that as it may, I'll troubleshoot that issue at some later point in time. The log file updates a couple of times per hour and from what I can tell, the restore is running without error.

However, the regularly scheduled backup of this server has failed with a a Time Out - Start error. Does this mean it is not possible to backup any other part of a server if a restore of just one folder is running? Incidently, the avtar.exe process is hogging the CPU and the server is running flat out CPU wise.

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