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Re: mccli backup restore throws - error VMware Vm restore

Thanks arturo,

I am trying to restore a redhat 6.5 vm to its original location. So I use option 1 given above. But I am getting the following error. What plugin number should i use for it?

admin@vcopsqe-vdp-01:~/>: mccli backup restore --name=/ --labelNum=2 --plugin=3016 --restore-vm-to=original

1,22297,Request to restore is rejected

Attribute                Value                                 

------------------------ --------------------------------------

restorePluginVersion     7.1.181

backupPlugin             Linux VMware Image

restorePluginBuild       107

restorePluginDescription Windows VMware Image

reason                   Plug-in cannot restore backup.

restoreClient            /clients/

backupNumber             1016

restorePluginNumber      3016

When I try using --plugin 13001 I get this error:

1,22297,Request to restore is rejected

Attribute Value                                                 

--------- ------------------------------------------------------

reason    Plug-in is not valid for Windows VMware Image Restore.

plugin    13001

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