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Moving Celerra to new UPS

Our UPS system is dead so we need to move our Celerra to a new UPS.  With all the power plugs and everything I take it that there's a particular order in how to unplug and replug these cables into the new outlets.  Plus it looks like this is a downtime event, which is unfortinate because we can transfer servers during production hours since they have dual power supplies and they work as long as one power supply is getting juice.

We have 1 DAE added since it's original install, so there is disk tray 0 and disk tray 1 as it is identified.

There is only an SPS A... the SPS B side is empty because we never got one of those (I'd like to someday)... so Disk Processor on the left is plugged straight into the AC outlet, while the disk processor on the right is plugged into SPS A, and in turn SPS A is plugged into the AC outlet.

So if I follow the shutdown procedure after I shut down all the VM's that are using this shared storage, from here:;jsessionid=FC829F0FE5F87C7700389A6E0EBCA672?d...

What is the best way to power it back on?  Everything just automatically turns on when its plugged in right?  At least thats whats happening when we have power failures (thanks to our broken UPS).

I'm counting 7 AC outlets that need to be connected:

1.  Drive Tray 1 Left Power Supply

2.  Drive Tray 1 Right Power Supply

3.  Drive Tray 0 Left Power Supply

4.  SPS A Power Supply

5.  Control Station Power Supply

6.  Blade 3 Power Supply

7.  Blade 2 Power Supply

Or if you know a way that this can be done "live" that would be great.  Like if you remove blade 2 power supply, does it auto fail over to blade 3?  If you remove the right power supply on drive tray 1 does the left power supply have enough ability to power the 12 disks in the enclosure?  What if the SPS A power supply is interrupted for a few seconds while its AC outlet is moved to another?

Instead of risking it we will most likely schedule downtime anyway, but it would be neat to know if something like this can be done while in production without causing a hiccup for our VMWare hosts running virtual machines on NFS storage.

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