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Celerra NS-120 / Storage processor ready to restore

Hi Guys,

My in house EMC guy is away and I have what may be a very basic issue.

A long power outage that drained our UPS's causing a dirty shut down of the SAN, now powered back on I see the following error message under 'Storage' - 'Systems' in the GUI

"Storage processor is ready to restore"

Other than that our SAN's Status is "OK" however if I run 'nas_storage -c -a' in the CLI I see the following, I assume the root disk fail over is due to the SPA failover?

Discovering storage (may take several minutes)

Error 5017: storage health check failed

CKM00095100510 SPA is failed over

CKM00095100510 root_disk is failed over

CKM00095100510 d51 is faulted/removed

CKM00095100510 d52 is faulted/removed

I did have a failed disk '0' pre power outage which has since been replaced but doesn't to want to rebuild, which may be due to the fact SPA is failed over.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, I am moving servers off this SAN but need it to keep running in a healthy state for now.

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