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Re: Celerra NS-120 / Storage processor ready to restore

Hey Phinor,

From those errors, I would assume that there is still a drive failure issue...

Can you provide the failed disk location? How was the drive replaced? When a drive fails they get copied over to a HS. Do you know if the Transition was completed prior to the unexpected shut down? Usually when a drive is replaced they get rebuild via hs or the raid group, you can find out the current state of the drive by issue

/nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA getdisk (bus)_(enclusure)_(disk) -state -type -rb

e.g. /nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA getdisk 1_1_2 -state -type -rb

(I would do the same to the HS location that was copied over)

then you can compare results to see the state of the current condition

As for the trespass lun,

I would double check agianst the luns that are affected and ensure there are no other hardware failure aside from that single drive then issue

/nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA getlun -trespass ( to determine if what luns are trespassed)

nas_storage -l  ( to dertermine the primary backend storage from the nas prospective)

nas_storage -failback id=1 (id will be indicated from the command above)

nas_storage -c -a  ( you will probably still get failure due to the drive)

I would still recommend to open up a case with EMC since the array was shutdown unexpected which you may encounter some dirty cache although EMC SPS on the celerra should give enough time for the cache to destage to disk.

Good luck

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