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Re: Celerra Uber NTP & NIS Errors


dbchk is a  tool to verify the relationship of db entries. It Checks for volume consistency between CS & DMs; checks AVM groups & profiles/storage profiles etc..

The command syntax is:


# /nas/tools/dbchk -

usage: dbchk -fhlpqwxvVs

-f fast, skip long running checks

-h help, display this message

-l local, use files in current directory

-p probe, use server_devconfig

-q quite, suppess all output and only set exit code

-v verbose, print extra information

-w warning, do additional checks for warnings

-x extra, additional long running error checks

-V Volume consistency check mode [can not be used with -l option]

-s Suggestion mode [used with (-V) option only]

-R Replication V2 consistency check mode[can not be used with -l option]


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