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[CUA] Presenting a NFS-share with 3 TB?

Hi there,

I want to present a 3 TB NFS-share to a host, so that he can do

mount -t nfs [IP]:/sfs/gateway_nfs/backup /mnt/backup

First, I created a pool and a profile on the Centera. These are:

Profile Name              Home Pool       Enabled  Configured Usage
CUA_novell                CUA_misc        yes      Data Access, Management 

Pool Name:                          CUA_misc
Pool Mask:                          rdqeDcw-
Cluster Mask:                       rdqe-cw--h
Pool Quota:                         3,000 GB
Used Pool Capacity:                 380 MB
Free Pool Capacity:                 3,000 GB
Number of C-Clips:                  2
Number of Files:                    2
Number of scheduled tasks:          0 

On the CUA, I have defined a new access profile/user CUA_novell with according password (as configured on the Centera):

Current Access Profile Mapping Configuration
/sfs/gateway_nfs/backup          User: CUA_novell

But when I am issuing the NFS-mount on the server, I can see only 472 GB, although I'd like to see the full 3 TB:

# df -kh

                      472G  383M  472G   1% /root/nfstest

Anything I have to add or modify somewhere?



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