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SDK thread uses 100% CPU (Windows, C-SDK 3.2.661)

I have a problem at a customer...

During normal usage of a Centera (reading and far more writing) on an 8 core machine a threads starts using 100% of an CPU. After 2 to 4 days i have more 8 threads stuck somewhere in the centera-sdk ==> from this time on the machine is not useable any more since all cpu resources are used for the process hosting and using the centera sdk.

Reading and Writing to the centera is used with only one connection on mutliple threads, but our application can access the centera normaly until, all cpu ressources are exausted.

The hanging does not seem to be called directly by our application, because it continues working.

For informations about the cluster itself, i have included the logs from the first connection to the centera "FirstConnectToCentera.txt".

This is the last output in the logfile. (the entiere logfiles was 18 GB)

I have include a much larger part as attachment "":

evil thread: 3628
last line:     316,502

1229641204727    2008-12-18 23:00:04.727        [debug]        8072.3628    [POOL]    Use existing FPSocket (mSocket=620) Connection open,locked marked(GOOD)
1229641204727    2008-12-18 23:00:04.727        [debug]        8072.3628    [TRANSACTION]    Import Request cl0502/542156/READ_CLIP
1229641204727    2008-12-18 23:00:04.727        [debug]        8072.3628    [PACKET]    send SmartPacket
  NET_SYSTEMID type=string value=cl0502
  NET_TRANSACTIONID type=string value=cl0502/542156/READ_CLIP
  NET_VERSION type=integer value=3  HPP_CLIENT_VERSION type=integer value=197120  NET_MESSAGEID type=integer value=42  HPP_VERSION type=integer value=1  HPP_CONTROL type=integer value=0  HPP_OPCODE type=integer value=0  fieldcode=187 type=integer value=1  HPP_BLOBSIZE type=long value=-1  HPP_CALCID_NAMING type=string value=MD5
  HPP_IS_CLIPFILE type=integer value=1  HPP_BLOBID type=string value=BOH1N9KL1GPLDe5K0FJJLQHE7IIG413P66QMT90MFT02PVT7MSGMR
  HPP_OFFSET type=long value=0  HPP_LENGTH type=long value=9223372036854775807  fieldcode=157 type=integer value=1
1229641204727    2008-12-18 23:00:04.727        [debug]        8072.3628    [TRANSACTION]    Import Data cl0502/542156/READ_CLIP
1229641204742    2008-12-18 23:00:04.742        [debug]        8072.3628    [POOL]    Unlock FPSocket (mSocket=620) Connection open,locked marked(GOOD)
1229641204742    2008-12-18 23:00:04.742        [debug]        8072.3628    [CORE]    ClusterCloud::getPrimaryCluster(0)
1229641204742    2008-12-18 23:00:04.742        [debug]        8072.3628    [CORE]    ClusterCloud::getPrimaryCluster(0) -> 95841e5e-1dd1-11b2-9a1c-e8a3b2f3372e

After this, there are no more entries from the thread 3628!

I also made a dump of the process, but since i don't have the symbolfiles from EMC it is not 100% accurate.

(This dump is not from the same occurance as the logfile, but the error was the same)

>    ntdll.dll!_KiFastSystemCallRet@0()    
     ntdll.dll!_NtReadFile@36()  + 0xc bytes   
     kernel32.dll!_ReadFile@20()  + 0x67 bytes   
     fpos32.dll!fp_ReadFile()  + 0x25 bytes   
     [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for fpos32.dll]   
     FPStreams.dll!FPBasicGenericStream::prepareBuffer()  + 0xbd bytes   
     FPStreams.dll!FPBasicGenericStream::read()  + 0x64 bytes   
     fpparser.dll!fpparser_2_3::XMLReader::refreshRawBuffer()  + 0x5b bytes   
     fpparser.dll!fpparser_2_3::XMLReader::XMLReader()  + 0x10e bytes   
     fpparser.dll!fpparser_2_3::ReaderMgr::createReader()  + 0x12b bytes   
     fpparser.dll!fpparser_2_3::IGXMLScanner::scanReset()  + 0x268 bytes   
     fpparser.dll!fpparser_2_3::XMLDeclImpl::getNodeName()  + 0x4dce bytes   

all Components are using the "3.02.661" Version:

  •     FPLibrary.dll    3.02.661.0
  •     FPCore.dll       3.02.661.0
  •     FPStreams.dll  3.02.661.0
  •     FPUtils.dll        3.02.661.0
  •     FPXML.dll       3.02.661.0

Thanks in advance for any help!

If you need any more information i will gladly supply them!

kind regards,

Christoph Herzog

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