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Re: New replication configuration

Hi Samir,

When planning for Replication, consider the following:

  •   Current cluster configuration 
  • The most suitable replication topology

  • Whether all pools or a selection of pools will be replicated

  • Whether delete, event based retention, or litigation hold calls need to be replicated to the replica.

  • Whether data is already present on the source cluste

To learn more about the above items, choose from the topics listed in the How Do I... box at right.

The number of clusters available in a Centera system helps decide which topology is the most appropriate. If only two clusters exist, then the options for replication are limited to either uni- or bidirectional replication.



How existing clusters are already configured also impacts planning:

  •   Clusters that already have applications running on them will have data that needs to be migrated 
  • Clusters that do not use application profiles and pools may benefit from using them. Profiles and pools must be configured as part of the replication configuration process.

  • If applications write to a primary cluster and failover to a secondary then that, too, must be taken into account


Throughout this section, the following definitions will be used:

Target cluster

The cluster to which data will be replicated.

Source cluster

The cluster from which data will be replicated.

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