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Re: Need assistance recovering disk space.

Hi Jeff

There is DiskXtender between your EmailXtender and the Centera. So the question to start with is the following

- Has the amount of capacity reduced when running a show pool capacity?

If the pool capacity does not decrease, no deletions have been performed on the Centera and thus Garbage Collection will not have anything to clean up. If the pool capacity has decreased, run a garbage collection run manually under the commands section of the CenteraViewer.

If the pool Capacity has not decreased, then the deletes do not even reach the Centera. Please check the DiskXtender rules if they perform deletes when the stub files are removed by EX. If not, EX will remove the stub files but the delete is not propagated to the Centera.

One kind of final comment is that both products have reached their End of Service Live. You'll have to upgrade to ES1 and migrate your data and Exchange shortcuts.

Let me know if you are not making progress, I can have a look at your systems. Try

@Mike, in CentraStar 4.3 the GC runs as a background process continuously.

Best regards, Holger

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