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Re: Cisco MDS VSAN, Port Channel, related

kach1947_customer wrote:

Thanks Dynamox. Awesome that you are replying so fast

for #2, I have tried from Cisco port channel creation documentation, but just want to see if there are easier (better / time efficient) ways of doing things, especially since people like you have so much expertise in SAN configuration and relevant tasks.

In this example i am creating a port-channel between two MDS switches. You will need to use your own fc interfaces and your own port-channel if you like. This was on a switch that was 4G only, if you have 8G switch you will need to set switchport speed to 8000. I am trunking VSAN 130 between two switches.

on switch 1 run these commands:

config t

interface port-channel 10

channel mode active

switchport speed 4000

switchport rate-mode dedicated

switchport trunk mode on

switchport trunk allowed vsan 130

int fc2/24

channel-group 10 force

no shut

int fc3/24

channel-group 10 force

no shut

perform the same commands on switch 2.

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