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Cisco MDS VSAN, Port Channel, related


I have few queries:

1. Anyone know what is the highest # of VSAN iI can have per fabric ? The switches that the VSANs would be created would be at 6.2(5)

Ex: fabric-1 ---> VSAN1 (Admin), VSAN98 (Prod), VSAN198 (Non-Prod), VSAN298 (Test/Dev). Is there any limitation on what the max. we can go upto?

Per Cisco MDS NX-OS Release 5.2 Configuration Limits - Cisco I can have upto 4,000 VSANs per physical fabric, but I'm not sure if I should take it as we being able to create a VSAN3999. Any guidance/ in put into this is welcome

2. Port-Channel creation: If any of you can provide or have step-by-step process for creating a port-channel - that would be helpful.

3. Cisco DCNM . Fabric Manager - which version do you guys recommend? SMI-S support for EMC arrays on MDS - anyone tried that? any benefits?



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