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EMC Storage Viewer crashes Vsphere client

Where do we get support for the EMC Storage Viewer? I opened an SR and was brusquely rejected, EMC support does not support it. I sent an email to (the feedback link on the Storage Viewer download site) and have received no reply.

We have ESX 4.0, VSphere 4.0, and CLARiiON CX3 and CX4 systems, all with updated Flare code. I have installed (multiple times) Solutions Enabler 7010, have properly registered the CLARiiONs, and it can see the luns.

We installed Storage Viewer 2.0 on the Vsphere Client, and successfully registered the SE server with it.

On the EMC Storage tab, under every circumstance when I click on "luns" and the "EMC Storage LUNs", EMC LUNs",  or "Storage Details" windows open, it displays "loading" for a few seconds, then the Vsphere client crashes and closes.

I have spent days on this, gone through all the docs multiple times, and tried all the solutions listed there to no avail.

How do I penetrate the EMC brick wall and find someone who can address this problem with us?

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