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8 Krypton

Re: throughput and IOPS

Knowing the author, I can confirm what his intent was. But I think he caused some confusion.

The measurement of IOPS is IO size agnostic. E.g., If I am doing 1000 IOPS at 8 KB, or 1000 IOPS at 32 KB, I'm still doing 1000 IOPS. A pound of lead weighs the same as a pound of feathers.

The performance of a system when using IOPS as a measurement is dependent on the IO size. So, if my machine has the capability of performing 1000 IOPS at 8 KB, it is unlikely to have the capability of doing 1000 IOPS at 32 KB. My car can do 150 Kilometers per hour but only 90 Miles per hour.

The conversion from MB/s to IOPS is dependent on IO size. This is a linear relationship. 1000 IOPS at 8 KB is (1000 * 8 )/ 1024 MB/s = 7.8 MB/s

However 1000 IOPS at 1 MB IO size is 1000 * 1 = 1000 MB/s