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Re: RAID level for SATA 1TB on CX4-120

One thing I would like to add about using a LUN as a backup to disk target. Depending on how you are going to present that LUN as a backup target you may find that over time the file fragmentation on the LUN will severely degrade performance of the backups/restores. I have one windows file server that has multiple large LUNs masked to it from a CX4-960, and the LUNs are used as backup targets through NTFS shares. The shares are used to backup SQL servers and are then used to restore to development SQL servers. I have seen the file fragmentation of the file system reach a point from the daily deletion of old backup files and the writing of new backup files where some backup files are composed of tens of thousands of file fragments.

So our option was to setup a frequent format job for the LUN or find another solution. The shares are in use very frequently so it would have been difficult to schedule downtime of the shares to format the LUNs so we opted for deploying a Celrra Gateway to present backup shares. The file system used to present the NAS shares doesn't have the same fragmentation issues as NTFS shares so it should alleviate a lot of the pain point of using windows shares as a backup target.

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