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Re: Increase size of LUN

1. Unmount the file system.

2. Type vgchange -an <volume_group> to make the volume group


where <volume_group> is the volume group name.

3. Type pvresize /dev/emcpowerx to resize the physical volumes.

where x is the name of the target logical unit after the migration.

4. Type vgchange --resizeable y to make the volume group

resizeable if it is not already.

5. Type vgdisplay <volume_group> to verify how many physical

extents are free.

6. Type vgchange -ay <volume_group> to make the volume group


7. Type lvextend -l <phys_ext> /dev/<volume_group>/<log_vol#> to

extend the logical volume.


<phys_ext> is the number of physical extents you want to add

<log_vol#> is the logical volume number

For example, lvextend -l +6343 /dev/vg01/lv01

8. Resize the file system. For example, for ext3 file systems, type:

e2fsck -f /dev/<volume_group>/<log_vol#>

resize2fs -p /dev/<volume_group>/<log_vol#>