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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

Dell EMC Vision does have discoverability support for VxRail. Dell EMC Vision SW however is not a part of the validated VxRail SW package that is preinstalled/integrated in the factory and as part of the Lifecycle Management software packages. Dell EMC Vision is a separate software component that must be deployed and managed separately and outside the scope of a VxRail M&O experience. I also don't believe Dell EMC Vision is available as an a la carte SW title. I believe it must be purchased as part of a vBlock or VxBlock Engineered System. Once it is in place along with that platform, if a customer then has VxRail's in their environment as well, then that same Dell EMC Vision SW can discover both types of platforms.

As for support for vRA. VxRail is a VMware product and is integration ready for any VMware Ecosystem SW. However, it is not pre-bundled with the SW stack of VxRail. A customer would be responsible for deploying their own vRA to then consume the VxRail infrastructure. the vRA that is deployed must also be lifecycle managed by the customer and is not something that Dell EMC would support as part of a VxRail Lifecycle Management support model. This would be the case if a customer chooses a DIY vRA deployment.

However, now with the introduction of EHC on VxRail, a customer can BUY the entire stack as a fully engineered hybrid cloud platform for which full lifecycle support for the entire solution (inclusive of vRA, vROPS, vRB, etc)  is included as part of the EHC subscription for support. The installation  would typically happen like this: The VxRail would be delivered and installed setting up the underlying HW and vSphere/vSAN/vCenter infrastructure needed for EHC. Once the VxRail is installed, Dell EMC professional Services (or certified Dell EMC Partners) would load the EHC SW Stack and workflows (vRA, vRB, vROPS, Log Insight, vRO) via an automated installer that would install and configure it. The ongoing Day 2 operations of lifecycle management would likely be a combination of the VxRail Manager capability to update the underlying infrastructure SW and the EHC installer/updater tool to update the EHC SW stack. Regardless of how its done, Dell EMC PS will perform it and take care of it all for the customer.