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Rolling Cisco Switch Upgrade

I have 2 -  MDS 9513's each in it's own fabric and  2 - MDS 9509 each in it's own fabric.  All switches running 4.1.(3a)

I have hosts connected to each of the 9513 fabrics and the same for the 9509 fabrics.

The hosts are mostly Windows servers 2003 and 2008 with some ESX 3.5 servers.  All systems are running some version of Multipathing and Navisphere Agents.

The Clariion arrays are CX4-960's (one of which hosts NAS disks), CX3-40f (NS40) and CX3-80 which is an integrated NSG80

The question is can I upgrade 1 of the 9513's & 1 of the 9509's  to 5.01 without having issues on the hosts or with the Clariion arrays.



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