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Re: Re: cisco nex ISL with brocade DCX

When discussing heterogeneous switch topologies, generally speaking, there are several things you need to review:

1) Switch and firmware interoperability (E-Lab Interoperability Navigator)


b) Select: "Advanced Query"

c) Under "Connectivity" select: "Switch"

d) Then select the switch models in question selecting: "Add to cart" each time

e) Then select: "Get Results"

f) Then generate and review/compare the: "Switched Fabric Topology Parameters" output

2) Then you will want to review the overview and case studies under the topic: "Heterogeneous switch interoperability" of the Fibre Channel SAN Topologies techbook:

a) Review the section: "Heterogeneous switch interoperability" (starting page 150)

b) Within that section are important topics such as:

- Vendor-specific switch settings for interop

- Supported interoperability modes (Table 4 on page 192)

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