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Defined ZoneCFG's out of sync between dual core directors



  • - In each fabric my customer has a pair of Brocade directors. 
    • Originally, director1A(principle) and director2A(subordinate) were DCX-4Bs with standard ISLs (ICLs not used)
    • A few months ago they replaced director2A(subordinate) in each fabric with new DCX-8510-8’s.
    • Now each fabric has a DCX-4B(principle) and a DCX-8510-B with standard ISLs
    • CMNE 12.3 is how the customer manages zoning
      • they do not use webtools at all
  • - Now, we are preparing to replace the DCX-4B’s in each fabric with new DCX-8510-Bs
    • A review of the SAN shows that the zoning is now being performed against the DCX-8510s and not the DCX-4Bs like the customer thought.
      • Zones match but, DCX-4Bs have 96 fewer zones than the newer 8510s.
    • both have defined databases.
    • It seems that CMCNE made the decision to perform zoning  from the newer director and stopped using the older director
    • How does CMCNE choose the director to zone from?
    • I cannot choose which switch I want to perform zoning from, I can only choose the fabric I want to perform zoning on.
    • How can I either, remove the defined zonecfg from the old director or update it to match the current zonecfg?

  Thanks in advance, I appreciate any knowledge you can impart.

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