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Zoning Best Practice?

Just wondering how other folks are doing their zoning.

Is it better to use a single initiator/single target or single initiator/multiple target when creating a zone?


ESXi host has HBA1 and HBA2

Two Brocade 6520 FC switches (two fabrics): SW1 and SW2

EMC VMAX with eight FC ports (1-4 on SW1 and 5-8 on SW2)

Create four zones on SW1: one for each initiator/target pair

Create four zones on SW2: one for each initiator/target pair.

Total of eight zones.


Create one zone on SW1: one initiator and four targets

Create one zone on SW2: one initiator and four targets

Total of two zones

For 30 hosts, that's 240 zones versus 60 zones.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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