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Re: Some basic questions

Let me take a look through some of my old terminal session logs. There's a really good chance I'll have the commands that you need to do this. Some of it is much easier using commandline, some can be done from the WUI, such as adding the hosts to the hosfile. the static routes are easier from the commandline.

There is a really good chance that you are going to have to delete and reauthenticate the partner DD from the WUI, once you put those hostfile entries and static routes in. If that is the case, and your certificates no longer work, you will have to open an EMC case and let them remote in and they can guide you through the steps of creating a new key and archiving the old one. My original installation team put in the wrong domain name in when they configured mine, so my certificates were invalid from the get-go and I had to go through it. It's not that difficult it takes about 30 minutes on a WebEx

If I can find the appropriate log files I will post it in a follow up to this

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