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Re: Some basic questions

Hi Paul

I do have the same situation like the last time. I have 2 brand new DD2200 systems and they are attached each with 1 GbE via switch to each other. There is no DNS within the network I just added the system IP and hostname within "Hardware-Ethernet-Settings-Host Mapings" with their IP addresses and hostnames.... i can ping both systems from the CLI with hostname and IP address.

As soon as i go to "Replication-Manage Systems" and add the system with he FQDN (Which is pingable) it takes a while and then it informs me about "The Following is the certificate probvided by the system EMCDD2.customer.tld" Verify this and press OK" I press OK and then it takes forever!

I did even create a route "Hardware-Ethernet-Routes" like this

Static Route

-host eth0a

Where eth0a is the default 1GbE port which is attached to the coper network switch like the other system... I really don't get it!

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