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DPA Report Card view of NetApp Filer volumes?

Hi. I am looking for any suggestions or feedback for configuring a "Report Card" view of NetWorker backups of NetApp Filer volumes.

At one of my data centers I have six NetApp filers, each with about 30 to 60 volumes. We use NetWorker 7.61 with direct ndmp to backup these volumes over the SAN to LTO4 drives. The NetApp volumes are between 300 Gb and 2 TB in size. In NetWorker I have the six filers as Clients, with each volume being it's own Client. My Groups are set-up to contain 1 or 2 volumes each.

We really like the "Report Card" in Data Protection with the "One Week" window to get a nice gree\red overview of our server\client based backups.

When I run this kind of Report Card for my six NetApp filers I only get six rows, one for each 'Backup Client'

What I want is a Report Card that has a row for each NetApp volume. I need to get the SaveSet value of the volume to be treated like the Node volume of the Client.

Output something like:

Node                                                                         2 Mar       3 Mar     4 Mar      5 Mar

netapp_filer_01:/vol/us_accounting                       Green      Green     Red        Green

netapp_filer_01:/vol/us_hr                                      Green         Red      Green



Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help!

- Eric

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