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Re: Error in getting data from a Legato Networker 7.6 SP1

Hi Jens,

The error displayed is most likely an issue with the jobmonitor. By default, when the jobmonitor starts up it has 5 minutes to complete it's function. If it does not complete it's task within that time frame it can result in a timeout error which you are seeing in the log. To verify if it is the jobmonitor, from the DPA GUI, right click on the 'gf0vsxnw10' node -> DPA -> Errors -> Collector Errors, set this to run for 'Last Day'. In the report you should see the same timeout error in the 'Message' field. Check the 'Function' field associated with this message (most likely it will be jobmonitor).

Once the function has been determined, you should change the timeout value for this particular function. To do this:

- Right click on 'gf0vsxnw10' -> Administration -> Properties

- When the 'Node Properties' Window appears, click on the 'Assignations' tab.

- Scroll down the list of 'Requests' until you see the function in question, select it and click on 'Edit'

- Once you see the 'Request Settings' you will need to increase the values for 'Period' and 'Timeout'.

     - For Period, uncheck the box, 'Use Default Period' and then increase the number of minutes, I recommend doubling it. So for example, if it displays minutes, raise it to 10

     - For Timeout, Place a check into the box and double that value as well.

- Once the changes have been made, click 'OK' and then reload the collector.

Once this has been done, wait about 30 minutes and then rerun the 'Collector Error' Report for 'Last Hour'.When the report renders, look for that error message again and check to see when the error last occurred. If the last time it occurred was about 30 minutes ago, you should be in the clear. You can also run the 'Request History' report in 'DPA' -> 'History', to verify that the function had run successfully.

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

NOTE: Some of the requests may not have timeout values to change, if it turns out to be one of those requests, please let me know.


Sang Pak

EMC Technical Support

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