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Re: configuring a SSL Certificate for ECS Community edition

There is a python cli in /opt/storageos/bin/cli with a  command called 'keystore' that has two subcommands that can be used: 'show' and 'update'.

to update the object cert:

python keystore update -h <host> -p <port ie 4443> -cookiefile <cookiefilename> -certificatevaluefile <filnamewithfullpath> -privatekeyvaluefile <filnamewithfullpath> -selfsign <true or false>

The -ipaddresses arg is optional for specifying a rollout order is generally not needed.

The --help arg for info on usage

In order to use any of the commands, you first needed to have generated a cookiefile that contains an auth token.

python authenticate -hostname <hostname>  -port 4443 -cookiedir <someDirectory> -username <user>

where the <user> is some mgmt user, possibly 'root', 'admin' or some previously created mgmt user.

This cli package is installed on all ECS nodes and is also available as a tar file available for download from our community site which can be run from a client machine. Here is the latest ECS 2.2 download link:

This package requires the python "requests" module to be installed (pip install requests)

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