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Online Migration - Cost Benefits to EMC and Clients

There are many challenges associated with data migration. Though data migration is conducted during planned downtime, the process seldom works out as planned. The best solution would be to eliminate the need for downtime and conduct data migrations when applications are running.

When given the choice of performing an Online Migration as opposed to migrations that require downtime, many customer Lines of Business prefer having Online Migrations performed.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Diwakar Kumar and Jerry Ryan discuss the various online methodologies and their use. Additionally, they describe the current E-Lab policies they followed which saved their customer over 4000 man hours. These methodologies also resulted in fewer resources required on migration event day to perform the actual work, resulting in even greater cost savings.

The results presented in this article can be of great benefit to EMC as well as our customers by choosing these types of methods as opposed to the more traditional types of EMC migrations.

Read the full article.

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