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Dual ESRS/VE Centralized Gateway setup


We are planning to deploy the ESRS/VE setup.  In the same site we have unity & powermax arrays and planning to have 2 different VM dedicated for ESRS centralized setup.  So this is called as Dual ESRS HA ?

So my understanding is for ESRS/VE we will be getting a OVA/OVF appliance. On first VM, I will have to import this OVA/OVF file and configure and supply the parameters like IP Addr, DNS, Gateway IP and will need to do the complete ESRS configuration, provisioning etc. Once this is done all the sites and arrays of the customer will be visible in First instance of VM - First ESRS.

For 2nd VM - 2nd ESRS - Do I need to repeat the same entire process that i did or I need to do until ESRS services gets started on the VM and can I skip the ESRS configuration and provisioning part fully ?  ---> as this is 2nd instance of ESRS.

I read somewhere that while deploying 2nd instance of ESRS, that instance should not be managing any devices at all.  In this scenario,  how the site id's and arrays will be pulled or visible in to 2nd instance of ESRS -   Will the ESRS Backend infra server that belongs to EMC will do the synchronization of all assets from 1st VM instance to 2nd VM instance ?  Please assist

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