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Important! Recent code issue impacting ESRS

All --

We recently discovered an issue with ESRS code that is causing many unnecessary uninstalls/reinstalls of ESRS Gateway servers. This is due to a copy protection issue of the ESRS executable that was implemented by the vendor. Due to the interaction of Microsoft Updates and the copy protection code, the ESRS executable fails to start on reboot of the server, or stop and restart of the ESRS service. This results in alerts to EMC that the ESRS Gateway server has gone missing, which has generated unnecessary support cases. The issue has been escalated to Engineering and the vendor.

Please click on the following link to review documentation available via EMC Knowledgebase: emc300033 (EMC Secure Remote Support Gateway: Gateway service fails to start after stop and start or restart in Services.msc or after server reboot). This document outlines the process to fix this issue. Success rates are running very high, and this workaround/fix should save you a lot of time. In the event that emc300033 does not address the issue, please review emc293086 (Process to recover a failed ESRS 2 Gateway—Standalone or Clustered High Availability)