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What the books DON’T tell you about moving from one platform to another

DiscussingWhat the Books don't tell you about moving from one platform to another (CLARiiON, VNX, Symmetrix) with Allen Ward and dynamox

Welcome to this EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This discussion is primarily for Storage Admins who are familiar with one of EMC's storage platforms and now may be struggling with applying (or translating) that knowledge to a new platform. It's not always pure common sense. Allen Ward has been with the IT department of a large financial services organization for over 14 years now and dedicated to Storage technologies for the last 11+ years. He started out with CLARiiON FC4700s and has worked his way through the CLARiiON line and on to his company's  newest VNX7500s with all the bells and whistles. Part way through that period he picked up support for a Symmetrix 8830 and then implemented some new DMX3 arrays into the enterprise. In the last couple of years Allen's Company put in their first VMAX arrays as well. Allen has been heavily involved in the EMC Community Network and EMC Support Forums for several years and holds EMC Proven Professional Expert certifications in both CLARiiON and Symmetrix technologies. works for a private research university. In his role as storage administrator he supports nine academic divisions and one non-profit hospital. He's been in the storage industry since 1999 when he first started with Dell PowerVault storage arrays.  Currently he supports multiple storage platforms from EMC: Clariion, VNX,  Symmetrix (DMX/VMAX), Celerra and Isilon.  He is a frequent support forum contributor, and a Support Forum MVP who enjoys helping and learning from his peers in the EMC Support Community Forums.

This event begins on May 7th, 2012, and the discussion will be opened then for questions .Allen & Synamox will then be taking your questions then until May 18th. Plus an exclusive for the Support Community, Allen will be wrapping this discussion live from Vegas @ EMC World!

Watch this space for further details