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Re: EMC Ask the EXpert Discussion: What the books DON’T tell you about moving from one platform to another

Good morning zj and thank you for your question. I hate to say this with the first question to come up, but you've caught me a bit off guard. When we were planning this discussion we weren't really thinking of it in terms of migrating from one platform to another, but more how do you deal with a new platform in addition to the one you have (and are keeping).

That being said, most of my migration experience is within a given family. I have used SANCopy and host based migrations to go from CLARiiON to CLARiiON and CLARiiON to VNX. I've used SRDF and Host based migrations to go from Symm to Symm. We have done some limited migration from CLARiiON to Symm (and vice versa) but those were Unix hosts. Our Unix support team much prefers to do host based migrations when possible.

Some of the option out there that I have not personally used are Open Replicator & Open Migrator as you mentioned, as well as PowerPath's built in migration capabilities.

Dynamox may have more experience with these, so we'll see if he has anything to add. If not, we'll get Mark to redirect this question to someone else who may be able to provide more technical direction on data migration.

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