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Re: EMC Ask the EXpert Discussion: What the books DON’T tell you about moving from one platform to another

the Host based migration is always easy from a storage perspective since we don't need to do anything, other than supply new LUNs to the already existing hosts. The host does all the work with either host based mirroring, storage vmotion, robocopy, PowerPath/ME you name it.

Migrating from midrange to enterprise (or vice versa) on the storage platform itself is a different game. Open Replicator or SANCopy are great tools, but you'd have to remind that a host will probably need a reboot to make sure when all data is now on the new array, that the host is totally independant from the old array. And don't forget boot disks. If you're booting from SAN you also need to change HBA settings, since the boot LUN is now a new LUN on a new array!

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