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Re: Ask the Expert: Performance Calculations on Clariion/VNX

Thank you for the detailed response Rob and Jon. Rob provided the theoritcal part whereas Jon provided the scenario which helped to understand Storage Admins requirement and a flowchart in what to do to narrow down to what causes it!  (connecting the dots)

So what is the most common troubleshooting you have to do? What do you find easy or hard, or would you recommend to other storage troubleshooters? Which tools do you use? Let us know

- When it comes to t/s there are many things we take in to account for, right from physical layer to application. (I can not share the detailed procedure).

- I am still new to all this, but I try my level best to provide the best recommendation as per EMC Best Practice.

- Some properitory tools & Unisphere Analyzer.

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