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AD user login to ISILON cannot land on specific directory

Hi Experts,

We are trying to have AD user authenticate and land on a specific directory (/ifs/data/test03) once they login. We tried the options specified in primus 000514861 (OneFS 8.X and Later: How to lock (chroot jail) FTP users into a specific directory) but no avail.

Every time we use the AD user to FTP it lands on its HOME directory (/ifs/HOME/ADS/DOMAIN/user1)

Below are few details :

ABC# isi ftp settings view

Accept Timeout: 1m

Allow Anon Access: No

Allow Anon Upload: Yes

Allow Dirlists: Yes

Allow Downloads: Yes

Allow Local Access: Yes

Allow Writes: Yes

Always Chdir Homedir: Yes

Anon Chown Username: root

Anon Password List: -

Anon Root Path: /ifs/home/ftp

Anon Umask: 0077

Ascii Mode: off

Chroot Exception List: -

Chroot Local Mode: none

Connect Timeout: 1m

Data Timeout: 5m

Denied User List: -

Dirlist Localtime: No

Dirlist Names: hide

File Create Perm: 0666

Limit Anon Passwords: No

Local Root Path: -

Local Umask: 0077

Server To Server: Yes

Session Support: Yes

Session Timeout: 5m

User Config Dir: /ifs/ftp-config

FTP Service Enabled: Yes

Under /ifs/ftp-config we have DOMAIN\\user1

Cat DOMAIN\\user1



The directory /ifs/data/test03 has 777 permission.

For local user we are able to achieve this and when the local user login it goes to a directory we want, but AD user cannot.

Kindly help.

Note: HOME directory for AD users was enabled.

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