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Re: n+2:1 Protection Parity Calc

I gave up tracking disk usage down to single kilobytes after plotting some result from a real cluster...

It was a very "interesting" chart and I would recommend to the experiment by yourself (I haven't kept it).

Practical rule of thumb (for a 3 node cluster):

files up to 128 KB use 3x,

files of 512 KB or multiples of 512 KB use 2+1 which means factor 1.5x -- maximum efficiency for 3 nodes

files between 128 and 512 KB gradually gain efficiency from 3x to 1.5x

files slightly larger than 512 KB loose a bit of efficiency again

files much larger than 512 KB essentially use 2+1 or 1.5x

Again, do some tests and plot the data!


-- Peter