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Re: Isilon SyncIQ @ 10GB

As well as the other replies also consider this: It is possible to run syncIQ job at near wire speed.  However what you need to bear in mind is what is doing the work.  Firstly you would need a source cluster with enough power to deliver this performance (spindle count).  Therefore if you have a 3 X200 cluster you will not achieve this, however with a 4 node X410 depending on the configuration you could drive 1250 MB/s (concurrent). Then you would need the corresponding performing destination cluster.  This is again depending on the workflow that the cluster is also supporting at the time with the additional load of the SyncIQ job(s).

With the answer comes a question.  What performance do you need to drive for the change rate for replication?  Whatever this is the Isilon clusters can be configured to deliver this.  Speak to EMC locally and get an Isilon Pre-Sales specialist to help.

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