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Re: Celerra to Isilon data move

When using EMCopy from VNX to Isilon the date modified and date accessed are not preserved.  However, if I run the same command from VNX to VNX, they are.  I am receiving an error on the Isilon box when running EMCopy, but I am not sure if that is the cause of the issue. 

\\src \\trg * /o /s /d /c /r:1 /w:5 /th 64 /xd lost+found .etc /purge /log+:\\log.txt

TH000 : 09:13:50 : WARNING : Unable to retrieve the PDC of the domain <domain name> nearby \\<Isilon>, error : 1717

TH000 : 09:13:50 : WARNING : The default primary group is set to "domain users"

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