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Re: Isilon - (Script) - Run "du -hxcd1" against output

Peter Serocka

Thank you for taking time out to help me with this.  Hey, maybe I am doing something wrong cause I am just getting the printout for the:

# isi sync target list -v

Its not providing any additional information in reference to disk usage on each filesystem.  I am not sure if its because the script is broken up and I did not assemble it properly in a one liner?  I ran it like this:

# isi sync target list -v | awk -F": " ' { print $0; } /^Target Dir:/ { printf "du: "; system("du -hxd1 \""$2"\""); }'

and I also just cut and paste it in how you had it above:

# isi sync target list -v |


pipe> awk -F": " '

pipe quote>

pipe quote> { print $0; }

pipe quote>

pipe quote> /^Target Dir:/ { printf "du: "; system("du -hxd1 \""$2"\""); }

pipe quote>

pipe quote> '

Both instances I just got the output for "isi sync target list -v"

I will try and brake the script up into smaller pieces to see what I maybe doing wrong, but if you can see let me know.

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