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Re: NMC - What drives you crazy ?

Hi Skip,

been using NetWorker for a few years. Even prior to the 'new' NMC.

In our environment we are currently using NW 7.5.1, having recently upgraded from 7.3.3:

    NetWorker Management Console version 3.5.1.Build.269
    based on NetWorker version 7.5.1.Build.269

I do like the NMC console, especially the later versions, sort of.

When usung NW 7.3.3, I sneaked an NMC from NW 7.5 on to my desk, and got a whole lot extra benefits.

However, after our 7.5.1 upgrade there is one specific issue that I have (got a SR open to include this):

Under Devices/ Libraries/selected library, when I select 10 volumes, right click select inventory - tick "Force load and verify labels" - GO....

the system loads all the volumes into a single drive, and it takes ages.

Sometimes I will do this to 100 tapes, and I'll be waiting all day. I want to (have the option to) inventory 1000 volumes!

Previously on my 'sneaked' NMC, I could do the same, and it would spread the mounting across all available drives (24 in each library), hence the performance of this operation has gone backwards.

I realise that depending on what drives are clicked in the device pane, they can be selected from the "devices to use" list. Is it possible to make all available devices available for this action.

I also understand that consideration needs to be taken into other actions, like labeling tapes, due to drive restrictions with certain pools.

Also, NMC seems a little bloated (also better than previous, with more functions). Do you have any advice on performance, and resource utilisation, as I want to avoid NMC using resources on the NW server, that is already creaking under load. Much though I tell people to install the NMC on their desktop machine, I know people that will only use it when they TS onto the server!


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