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Re: NMC - What drives you crazy ?

Hi Larry

Not sure what your issue is with NMC on AIX 5.3 because we have had it working for a while now, we are running NetWorker 7.4.4. and the following NMC version.

        23  1.4  src/bos/usr/ccs/lib/libpthreads/init.c, libpth, bos510 8/19/99 12:20:14
        61      1.14  src/bos/usr/ccs/lib/libc/__threads_init.c, libcthrd, bos510 7/11/00 12:04:14
         NMC Release:  NetWorker Management Console 3.4.4.Build.634
         Build arch.:  aix51n
         Build number: 634
         Release:      7.4.4.Build.634
         Product:      NetWorker
         Build date:   Thu Dec 11 17:33:29 PST 2008
         Build info:   DBG=0,OPT=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing
        57  src/bos/usr/ccs/lib/libc/fstab.c, libcenv, bos510 6/7/00 16:35:25

I totally agree with you on your comments regarding how groups are handled under the configuration tab in NMC - why on earth when you click on groups do the groups get displayed in both panes that is annoying...

1 more thing for Eric and the other EMC'ers I decided to give NMC 7.5 a go on my desktop (Windows XP) and on the performance front I see a step backwards - my GUI is now consistently hanging with the progress bar saying 16% for sometimes minutes at a time - a step backwards from the 46% that I was complaining about yesterday ....



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