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Re: NMC - What drives you crazy ?

PeteOrton wrote:

1 more thing for Eric and the other EMC'ers I decided to give NMC 7.5 a go on my desktop (Windows XP) and on the performance front I see a step backwards - my GUI is now consistently hanging with the progress bar saying 16% for sometimes minutes at a time - a step backwards from the 46% that I was complaining about yesterday ....




sorry but I'm going to laugh at this situation.

I had similar situation. I opened a case with Support. They told me to ~'go and jump'/ 'that is not supported'. I ignored them, as we were using NW 7.3.3 at the time, and I wanted some 'nice things' like select and label 20 volumes, using point click.

Out of curiosity, did you install the NMC by installing the '7.5 server bundle', and just not having the server backing anything up. Thats the only way I could get the NMC installed on my laptop. This provided lots of communications betweeen the real server and my laptop server, and even more stuff in the logs when I was on-call/ having the laptop off at night/ weekend.

Since the upgrade of the server to 7.5.1, I've uninstalled the software on my laptop, and installed the NMC 'correctly', and the logs do not contain my laptop anymore


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