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Re: Networker 7.4 media tracking


We're actually doing some of these, so maybe I can help here:

a. barcode label of tape used, retention periond and pool (assuming you want to list those back-ups since yesterday):

mminfo -av -q 'savetime>=yesterday' -r 'barcode,pool,volretent'

b. when a particular tape is used for the first time and the last time it was used (assuming volume name is VOLUME1):

mminfo -av -q 'volume=VOLUME1' -r 'volume,olabel,volaccess'

c. when a tape should be inserted back and the number of time it was used

- when to insert back will depend on your volume retention (see a.)

- number of times it was used might be difficult as NW tracks differently (please correct me if I'm wrong here), so you might want to try the parameters volaccess, labeled or mounts (see description on the reference guide mentioned in one of the post above).

d. when a tape will expire (content) and the location of each tape (assuming you mean saveset for contents):

mminfo -av -q 'volume=VOLUME1' -r 'name,ssretent,location'

Hope this helps.

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