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Re: Networker 7.4 media tracking

Here is what you are looking for I think:

a) mminfo -q volume=V00002 -r volume,barcode,pool,volretent

b) mminfo -q volume=V00002 -r volume,olabel,volaccess

c) mminfo -q volume=V00002 -r volume,volretent,mounts,recycled

d) mminfo -q volume=V00002 -r volume,volretent,location

These are the commands for one particular volume.  To get these values for all volumes, you can use for example:

mminfo -av -r volume,volretent,mounts,recycled

You can look in the documentation previously indicated for detailed information on what exactly each of these columns shows.

Also, using simply 'mminfo -m' gives useful volume information.

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